Christine Orcutt Henderson
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Painting in the Village

It was a perfect day in Vermont.  It was warm and full of sun! I did a little painting in South Woodstock, VT along RT. 106. It was a great day to capture the fields along 106. The haymakers are busy trying to get 1st cut into the barn. The weather is perfect for the next couple of days to get in some lovely hay. 

I painting from my knoll next to the stone wall at the Vermont Horse Country Store- keenly observing the surroundings around me. The sun was bright and luminous falling on to the hillside like a highlighter pointing out the topography of the land. I sketched out many thumbnails of the landscape and finally settled on a small narrow band. My surface of choice was a 3''x 12'' vertical canvas. I decided to capture a small roadside wild flowers up through the field and eventually the large hill behind it. It was a snap shot of the day- it illiustrated the moment of beauty in a world that harken's  to a time in the not so distance past. 

While I had my easel set up, a couple of tractors went puttering by. There was plenty of bike traffic, car, and horse trailers motoring down 106. The day was perfect but somethings were seemingly absent. Twenty years ago, there would have been a few more tractors going up and down 106,  followed by  the matched white pair of horses would have been going for their afternoon drive, along with a few horse drawn vehicles in the neighborhood.  


RT 106 South Woodstock .JPG