Christine Orcutt Henderson
artful creativity happens


Black, White, and the Splash of Color

Drawing with graphite pencil is simple but very complicated. The lines, textures, shading, hatch marks, and scribbles make an image. Pressure on the pencil determines how dark the graphite is on the paper. The quick, dancing line of the composition teases the drawing out. The balance between dark and light, in art language, is known as values . The difference between realistic images captured and artistic interpolation is the exactness of the line and the perspective captured. 

In the example of a tulip: The tulip is oblong, small ruffles only the top edge of the flower. The curves are voluptuous and bold. The stems are sturdy and thick to support the round and weighted tulip. Many sketches will highlight and bring attention to the intricate nature of the structure of a tulip. 

The tulip that is composed not the paper with graphite pencil on white sketch paper can be very lovely.  The slight hint of a green or color in the flower. The dancing watercolor brush lightly highlights the flower but it creates an impact. The dramatic hint of color changes the mood and feeling of the painting. 

Christine Henderson