Christine Orcutt Henderson
artful creativity happens


Gesture Over Easy

Gesture Drawing is a quick squiggly line drawing of an object. It gets the feeling of weight, line, and proportions but lacks the fine details of an objects. These drawings of fun, fast, and loose. They are filled with circles intersecting to create weight.  Fast moving drawing capture the idea verse the entire scene before you.  This is a great tool to have in your artist tool kit of skills. 

This weekend, I was playing a version of pictionary with my family while waiting at a restaurant.  My bag is alway equipt with a pencil and sketchbook. Our version of pictionary is a little different. The "artist" writes what the object is on the backside of the paper and then draws the object.  It is a fast moving game. Someone guesses the image while the person is "gesturing" the object. It goes many rounds. People draw off other drawings to create new ones.  

Everyone sees things differently. The artist sees line, shape and color. The writer sees words. The musician conveys sound.  Quick drawings in this game break down the subject matter to simplified bits to convey the whole.