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Thursday Night Painting Studio

Come paint or draw on Thursday nights. Improve techniques or learn a new
This class is for the artful adult who would like to explore drawing and
painting, to express artistic inspiration. 

January 10- January 31 *6-9pm *$125.00 for the session  

Workshop Series

Drawn To Sketch

Students will be encouraged to learn the basic techniques of drawing though learning the foundations of contour, gesture, and sketch to build a toolbox of tools for the next level of artist growth. Students will work from still-lifes, imaginations, and life to harness these tools and are encouraged to utilize charcoal, pencil, and other mediums in their work. 

*materials not included 

Painting Marathon Workshop 

Come paint ! This workshop is an all day acrylic painting marathon. It is a series of quick painting studies to push yourself out of old habits and try lots of techniques such as  value paintings, still life, abstract, and much more.  This workshop is for the artful adult who would like to explore painting, to express artistic inspiration. Let yourself be free to find your inner creativity and try something new.  

Drawn To Horses

Everyone needs to draw regardless of artistic level. It is a great way to see the horse with “new eyes”. It is a drawing marathon. We use sketch, gesture, contour, and outlining to capture the image and construction of the horse. The cave paintings of Lascaux to the works of Da Vinci to more modern horses of Katie Upton will be covered. Students will work in a varied of sizes and types of paper and drawing media.  Basic Supplies are provided. 

Corporate and Business Art workshops

- Ever wanted a little bit of art in your workplace , use art decoding skills to help look at abstract business ideas or have creative prospective to help innovate, animate, and engage new ideas? Art at Work and Drawn to Work are two new dynamic workshops to foster those ideas. 


*Private instruction available, commissions, and event workshops available

*Have a group of friends and want to have an art party or class. One night
workshops available! *

*New Workshops Available *

Booking 2018 Art Workshops Roadshow! Have you ever wanted to learn something about art or have a workshop come to your friends? Those opportunities are here! One-day, theme-based workshops. Some of the Workshops that are available: Drawn to Sketch, Painting is Possible, Paint that Scene, and Art at Work. These are 3-hour workshops. Details available.


Sign up NOW for our Barn Coloring & Design Workshop

Saturday, April 14th in the Gallery 10AM-Noon with Christine Henderson

Join us for this FREE, guided activity to help us decorate for spring by coloring and customizing a unique cardboard barn for a spring display, customer voting and to take home after the contest. Open first to kids ages 12 and under, 13 to adult division as barns are available. Reserve a barn to color and customize in our exclusive workshop with Christine Henderson. Email us at for more information